Your Sanity Savers!

Your Sanity Savers!

Who are the Sanity Savers?

Welcome! We are the Sanity Savers - aka Evan and Jazmin Henkel; a husband-wife team with all the skills and experience you need to delegate that which makes you feel a little chaotic on the inside.

The idea of Sanity Savers originated from my late mother, who wanted to start a personal concierge service. For her it was always a really good idea, but she wasn't given the chance to see it through. It is our goal is to honor her memory through making her dream a reality.

That's why we make frequent donations through our online sales to the Kansas Head Start program, a charity close to her heart.

We hope that this legacy can help shed some stress and responsibility from your likely too-jam-packed life.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Sanity Savers Article - What drains your sanity?

We all have those "things" that drain our sanity. For me it is the toddler phase. Never liked it as an auntie-babysitter, still don't as a parent. Sure there are some yummy-sweet moments in there and we are cherishing them. It is true that the little years are few, so we ARE taking the time to revel in them. However, I can still dislike the not-so-fun parts. After 40-years of a VERY crazy life, I feel I am entitled to have some dislikes about our in-voluntary (but oh-so-cool) parenthood.

My second sanity-sucker is anything technology. Everything we own breaks whether it cost $1000 or $10. OR it goes into a state of "gee, I've never had this happen to anyone before." - said every customer service/tech rep ever.

So, from those two big sanity-suckers, I can easily determine what it is that the Henkel Family needs to delegate: Frequent childcare or swap-breaks between us parents and a tech-savvy team to help our business get growing.

The biggest secrets to a successful business lies in these two statements:

1 - you must fall and fail and hit obstacles. It's how you handle them that matters. Use this mantra "there are good experiences, and there are lessons" then when you look at the hard times as a lesson that you are in the middle of learning, it changes how it feels. Less weight, more control and ability to turn those into opportunities.

FOR EXAMPLE - we were on our first in-home organization job and the cops showed up. A nice neighbor had seen two random vehicles loading stuff up and people going in and out of the house. AND, the owner had left. Um, yah. We need a permission form and for people to warn neighbors they know are looking out for them. And a van sticker.

Ok, duh. Lesson learned! (enjoy the chuckles this quick story brings - we did).

2 - You must delegate. You can NOT "do it all" yourself. You can NOT give from an empty cup. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Call us. : )

The more you can get off your plate and off your mind, (and out of your house) - the more sane and focused you will be.

We promise.

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