Your Sanity Savers!

Your Sanity Savers!

Who are the Sanity Savers?

Welcome! We are the Sanity Savers - aka Evan and Jazmin Henkel; a husband-wife team with all the skills and experience you need to delegate that which makes you feel a little chaotic on the inside.

The idea of Sanity Savers originated from my late mother, who wanted to start a personal concierge service. For her it was always a really good idea, but she wasn't given the chance to see it through. It is our goal is to honor her memory through making her dream a reality.

That's why we make frequent donations through our online sales to the Kansas Head Start program, a charity close to her heart.

We hope that this legacy can help shed some stress and responsibility from your likely too-jam-packed life.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Sanity Savers is on the job - Pest control!

We are prepping our home for winter and we’ve gotten really good at completely toxin-free and natural pest control over the years (and a service we offer!) We use a mix of diatomaceous earth and Cedarcide (an awesome company!) & a few drops of essential oils. This mix is for the back of cabinets, under stoves, anywhere mice like to play and lots/tons/everywhere in our basement as it’s a living space. We use the same around the house, as well as ONLY natural un-dyed Cedar mulch! Also, for carpenter ants, nothing better than a Dawn soap and warm water dump! No toxic chemicals needed!


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