Your Sanity Savers!

Your Sanity Savers!

Who are the Sanity Savers?

Welcome! We are the Sanity Savers - aka Evan and Jazmin Henkel; a husband-wife team with all the skills and experience you need to delegate that which makes you feel a little chaotic on the inside.

The idea of Sanity Savers originated from my late mother, who wanted to start a personal concierge service. For her it was always a really good idea, but she wasn't given the chance to see it through. It is our goal is to honor her memory through making her dream a reality.

That's why we make frequent donations through our online sales to the Kansas Head Start program, a charity close to her heart.

We hope that this legacy can help shed some stress and responsibility from your likely too-jam-packed life.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Give your possessions "The Value Test" and save some sanity!

Lately, there has been a lot of talk in our world here at Sanity Savers about VALUE. The word "value" originally came from Middle English - Old French valoir or, ‘to be worth’.
  • The noun is:  the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something
  • The verb is: the material or monetary worth of something
So, why are we are looked to as the advisers?

From a more professional standpoint, Jazmin has over 15 years of experience in clothing consignment sales, as well as some experience in antique books, dishware/china and some kitchen-ware. Then about 20 years in cleaning and professional organizing. Evan knows the value of bicycles, bike gear, ski gear, fishing gear, cast-iron, and tools. He is also a bike mechanic and general problem-solver who is awesome with efficiency solutions. 

We have been through a multitude of housing "issues", including mold, so while our motto is "we do that" - it is probably because we "have done that!"

From a more personal perspective, we have purged and purchase and sold and purged and purchased a sold way too many times over. We get it. It's hard to let stuff go. I bet you that I still have maybe 10 things from this move. That poor car was so over-packed we had to stick to flat, boring, long highways.

After many of these experiences and years of doing this both personally and professionally here are some tricks to help determine "value": Sentiment and usefulness should be considered in tandem and usefulness should win most of the time.

  • The cash-in-hand test. How much financial value makes it worth more than its sentiment? Almost everything has a price!
  • The memory replacement test. Can the items sentiment be replaced with a memory, or a picture-story (take a picture, write up a little story, but get rid of the actual item). 
  • "a place for everything, and everything in its place - test." If that sentimental item doesn't have a place - is it really sentimental? 
  • The "touch-it" test. How many times do you touch an item before it looses it's value. This rule works better than you might realize. I ALWAYS get to the point where if I have to handle that thing one more time, it's gone-zo!
  • The storage cost test. Would you pay to store it?
  • The "if" test. If the item was lost, damaged or stolen, how does that make you feel? Would you pay for insurance to protect it?

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