Your Sanity Savers!

Your Sanity Savers!

Who are the Sanity Savers?

Welcome! We are the Sanity Savers - aka Evan and Jazmin Henkel; a husband-wife team with all the skills and experience you need to delegate that which makes you feel a little chaotic on the inside.

The idea of Sanity Savers originated from my late mother, who wanted to start a personal concierge service. For her it was always a really good idea, but she wasn't given the chance to see it through. It is our goal is to honor her memory through making her dream a reality.

That's why we make frequent donations through our online sales to the Kansas Head Start program, a charity close to her heart.

We hope that this legacy can help shed some stress and responsibility from your likely too-jam-packed life.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Sanity Saving at Home

Sometimes the sanity you need to save is your own! While I am in the market to be the one YOU delegate, I am also someone who is working on those same task items in my own life. For example. I just got a huge inventory to list and immediately our internet went down with no fix in sight (don’t worry we will figure it out). Also, looked around my “office” and realized it’s on the wrong floor of our house - by two floors - so not a quick move. And in the process a chair leaked some super staining oil from being outside. But, this is all part of the journey and when your partner in crime is your love, that certainly helps. Now here is this same story, in picture form!

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